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Retired for ten years, Jack is forced back into his old, dangerous life when his best friend is murdered. Old foes, new enemies, a slightly-psychotic ex girlfriend, Jack find that the world that he ran away from is much more complicated and dangerous than he ever knew!

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Clean Burn is a new novel from Angry Robot’s mystery imprint Exhibit A Books. Just like Angry Robot’s sci-fi novels, Clean Burn delivers the goods, presenting a novel that is a taut thriller and a study of a tortured main character. You’ll be hard pressed to forget Janelle Watkins. She’ll burn right into your memory.

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It’s All About Ray

International Man of Crimey-Whimy, Wanted on Five Systems for Fragrant Nuditity, and Eater of Cereal Boxes…

Raymond M. Rose is an author, freelance writer, father of three bulletproof boys, and husband to a very understanding woman. When he isn’t writing, wiping noses and/or butts, or buying chocolate for his wife, he’s asleep at his computer.

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